Marine Stewardship Council enters ‘Full Assessment’ Phase

FCF is pleased to announce that our Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) project is entering into its “Full Assessment” stage starting May 9, 2017. This phase includes issuing the MSC Fishery Certificate for organizations meeting tough but important new requirements.

Today we are proud to highlight Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance (WPSTA) Western and Central Pacific’s fishery, which is focused on two target species of tuna — skipjack and yellowfin. Their purse seine vessels, operating in Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), utilize a method known as free school fishing. Free school fishing is considerably more sustainable than traditional fishing practices, resulting in less bycatch and thereby substantially reducing the impact on endangered species.

To reach our fishery sustainability goals, FCF launched the MSC project in partnership with a number of vessel owners who are particularly conscious of sustainability issues. Together, we established WPSTA to make joint efforts to improve fishery sustainability and protect marine resources. WPSTA’s fleet comprises the flag states of China, Taiwan and the US. In addition, respective authorities have been supportive of the MSC project to ensure proper management systems are in place for it to run effectively. We are grateful for these contributions!

FCF believes that efforts to improve sustainability within the seafood industry is, essentially, an investment in the future of the industry itself. The MSC project shows the dedication of FCF in preserving long-lasting marine resources for generations to come.

For further information on WPSTA fishery, please visit the MSC website here.


豐群水產股份有限公司(以下簡稱豐群)自有之海洋管理委員會(MSC)漁業認證於倫敦時間五月九號正式公告於MSC 官網。此舉象徵豐群的漁業認證計畫正式進入「全面評估」階段,認證機構將展開與相關單位的資料評估與審查。

為了達到漁業永續的目標,豐群與具有永續經營理念的船隊組成「西太平洋永續鮪魚聯盟」(Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance, WPSTA),共同為MSC漁業認證努力。此聯盟含括台灣、中國及美國籍的漁船船東。除此之外,政府漁業相關機構及學界也同樣表達對於豐群MSC漁業認證的支持,提供許多管理機制相關文獻及記錄,豐群對此表達極大的感激。

我們深信,追求水產永續便是對於未來水產業的一種正面投資。豐群這項 MSC漁業認證正是顯現了我們在漁業永續經營上的決心。