FCF Statement on Recent Greenpeace Allegations

FCF Fishery, Co. President Max Chou today released the following statement regarding recent misleading Greenpeace human rights abuse allegations made against the company:

“We realize that as one of the world’s largest marine products integrated supply chain service providers with more than 30 subsidiaries, fishing bases, and shipping agents around the world, we are a prime target for organizations seeking to garner publicity and those not fully aware of the latest development and improvements that are currently taking place in the fishery industry. However, in their efforts to curb egregious human rights abuses, we believe it is unfair and deceptive to lump our company in with those who condone cruelty and neglect of their laborers.

Although we recognize the meaningful work of Greenpeace in exposing and eliminating human trafficking and sustainability abuses, we are equally disappointed that they are implicating FCF in old incidents and cases that have since been in all instances addressed in coordination with the Taiwanese Fisheries Department.

As our work over the past five years has demonstrated, FCF places a high priority on social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Working closely with our partners, and a global third-party compliance and social accountability firm, we require our associated fleet to formally agree to meet or exceed the standards of our Social Accountability Code of Conduct. Despite considerable challenges related to our supply chains and eclectic providers, FCF is on the forefront of ensuring we meet relevant social responsibility and sustainability standards.

There is always room for improvement, and even a single case of alleged abuse is too many. FCF remains committed to leading our industry’s social responsibility effort, and to ensuring respect for all fishing laborers. We welcome anyone who has questions about our work approach, partners, policies, or practices to contact us directly, as we have welcomed dialogue with Greenpeace and other stakeholders.”

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身為全球遠洋漁業產業具代表性的供應鏈整合服務平台提供者的豐群水產,我 們深刻瞭解確保在產業鏈內的活動能符合國際上對資源永續和社會責任之高標 準是我們責無旁貸的義務和責任。我們認同熱心環保人仕和組織對遠洋漁業外 籍勞工基本權益關注的努力,歡迎在大家共同參與下就建立完整符合國際標準 的結構和機制來努力。

我們不否認遠洋漁業產業仍存有一些不符時代潮流的社會責任問題,也願意負責任的面對這些問題,就追求系統完善的方向來配合政府及產業直接雇用者共 同解決這些問題。唯我們也要指出對一再只使用多年前的少數個案,將之無限 不當擴大連結,且沒事實依據、不負責任的來指控、醜化,對於負責任的投入 資源來努力改善這些問題的政府、多數正當經營的船東及豐群水產,這樣的指 控是不公平也不應該的。

我們與綠色和平組織所指控醜化豐群就「和春 61 號」(Tunago61)案的實際直 接採購該批魚貨之泰聯公司,就是綠色和平組織在其報告所極度贊許的公司, 在泰國曼谷針對此案有面對面的溝通,我們有一致的共識: 『不應以特定不幸個案或只因某公司的產業規模代表性大,就成為指控對象, 任何負面指控應該要建立在具體的事實基礎上。Tunago 公司近來和泰聯共同努 力往對的方向改變之努力是應該被認同與支持的。』

相同的豐群水產將產業資源永續和社會責任列為公司優先推動的核心政策並具 體投入資源,尤其在最近五年積極參與國際在這領域的專案小組共同努力的具 體事實也不應被不負責任的踐踏,我們有信心且自豪在這個領域我們是站在國 際領先位置,我們會持續堅持做好我們應該做的事。

遠洋漁業產業鏈的資源永續,需要大家共同來努力持續進行,絕非單一團體或 特定公司一蹴可幾,身為產業鏈中具代表性的公司,我們始終了解自身的社會 責任,而多年來亦投入大量的時間及心力以具體行動參與其中,但仍有很多需 要各界指正之處,我們不只依循相關規範進行,更以朝向領先各相關規範標準 做出更具體的行動來努力。未來歡迎關注漁業永續議題的各界人士或團體提出 公正客觀與具建設性的建議,為海洋的永續共同善盡一份心力。

綠色和平組織公文:   http://www.fcf.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/GP-20180516.pdf

豐群水產回應函: http://www.fcf.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/fcfresponse.pdf

運搬船轉載圖: http://www.fcf.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Carrier.pdf