FIP Program

Fishery Improvement Project:

FCF CO., LTD. is currently working on four different fishery improvement projects (FIP)— two are in conjunction with Thai Union and the other two are in partnership with Bumble Bee, a recently FCF acquired US-based firm. The first FIP with Thai Union involves purse seine fishing with drifting Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) in the Pacific Ocean, and the other focuses on purse seine fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. With Bumble Bee, FCF seeks to gain MSC certification for longline vessels catching albacore in the Pacific and Indian Ocean— which would be the first of its kind in this region. Through our FIP development and engagement, FCF is aiming for tuna sourcing from fisheries that are deemed consistent with maximum sustainable yield principles, and we are committed to working cooperatively at strengthening the relevant management and conservations systems to achieve this. All FIP projects are projected to achieve MSC certification by the end of calendar 2024.