We’re raising the bar for sustainable and ethical work practices

At FCF, we realize that being a global leader in our industry means we are held to a higher standard of ethics and environmental responsibility. We welcome this global oversight, and also enforce accountability programs to ensure our supplying vessel partners are fishing sustainably and ethically, respecting the human rights of workers and ensuring a thriving ecosystem for marine life around the globe.

As a global company, a majority of our raw materials for the canning market are sourced from a fleet of fishing vessels from around the world. We are proud of our track record of having long been at the forefront of industry best practices and compliance with the governmental regulations and Regional Fisheries Management Organizations.

Some highlights of our sustainably commitment include:

– More than 85% of our raw materials for tuna canning are sourced from fishing vessels that have 100% independent third party observers onboard. This ensures there is sustainable fishing and socially responsible conduct on the fishing vessels;

– Systematic controls ensure that fishing vessels classified as illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) would not be allowed to enter into the FCF supply chain;

Accountability policies ensure FCF supplying vessel partners are fishing sustainably and ethically, respecting the human rights of workers and ensuring a thriving ecosystem for marine life around the globe; and,

– The development of FCF’s fish aggregating device (FAD)-free fish program in partnership with PNA Pacifical’s Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

We are a company who not only strives for corporate excellence, but fair treatment for all people. We are confident that this has been evident to our long-term customers who have partnered with us throughout our 40 years in the industry.

Learn more about our commitment to standards that go above and beyond here.

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