Update of FCF Tuna Sustainability Policy

FCF announced on October 13, 2020 the publication of an updated Tuna Sustainability Policy (version 3), which was built on the company’s long term vision related to environmentally and socially responsible sourcing of tuna products. This latest update strengthens FCF’s core commitment by aligning with multiple international standards — key of which are the Seafood Task Force (STF) Code of Conduct and Vessel Auditable Standards, that are dedicated to human rights and social responsibility in our extensive tuna supply chain. Furthermore, it enhances FCF’s rigorous corporate governance standards that internally ensure the company operates the daily business in a compliant, ethical and responsible manner.

As one of the largest marine product providers in the world, FCF cannot emphasize enough the importance of environmental and social responsibility in its supply chain. Over the years, the company has developed multiple programs and initiatives as well as collaborating with different organizations and partners to continue the collective works towards sustainable future. FCF will prioritize and continue to strive to corroborate that our products not only meet the needs of our valued customers, but generate positive and long-term changes to the industry.

To further demonstrate FCF’s progress in sustainability and social responsibility projects, FCF also releases the Volume 2 of its Company report. This edition of the Company Report highlights all the activities that FCF had achieved during the first half of the 2020 in Fiji, including the sustainability workshop for the vessel operators under Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) and on-site audits which are parts of FCF’s Social Responsibility Program. Click HERE to find out more.

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