Our Partnerships

FCF has created various strategic partnerships throughout the world to maximize its network of tuna supplies and the rising demand for tuna processing.

South Pacific Tuna Corporation (SPTC)

The South Pacific Tuna Corporation, based in San Diego, California, is a leading tuna fishing vessel management company for the Western Pacific. SPTC offers everything from world-class vessel management to experienced Captains and crew.

South Seas Tuna Corporation (SSTC)

Viewed by the World Bank as a SSTC frontModel for Development of the Private Sector Economy, South Seas Tuna Corporation is a state of the art tuna processing and loining facility located in Papua New Guinea. It is joint venture of FCF Fishery Company of Taiwan, and Papua New Guinea interests. Working and processing within the framework of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA) allows duty-free exports to the EU.


Located in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Nambawan is a loin and canning plant.  This opportunity represents a partnership with a Pacific Island partner in order to increase job opportunities and comply with PNG’s onshore investment guidelines, in which we catch in PNG waters and process the fish in PNG and exported.


CosmosThis tuna canning facility is a joint venture between FCF and Korea-based Silla. Cosmos has a capacity of 200 metric tons of tuna per day,  and is strategically located in Tema, Ghana, next to a wharf and in close proximity to an international port.