Social Responsibility Program


The FCF Social Audit program has been in development since 2016 and was fully launched in late 2018. Through this first of kind program in the tuna industry, we have communicated effectively with key stakeholders to raise awareness in our supply chain on the need of ensuing a set of agreed upon social and labor practices through a range of activities. Our well-structured program involves a credible and transparent monitoring and auditing system that ensures compliance of all supply chain partners. Currently, more than 30 purse seine and longline vessel companies actively participate in the program, which are responsible for more than 133 vessels operating across several ocean basins. FCF now sends out internal auditors to vessel owners’ offices and various transshipment ports to conduct office and on-vessel audits. The program partners with an innovative online platform, e-Audit Service, to integrate all program information into the cloud to allow timely analysis and corrective actions- if needed. Currently, a large and growing percentage of our source-vessels and their owner offices have completed and passed our audits.  We have continuing plans to increase our current sample over the coming year(s) to achieve a complete census or 100% coverage.