Our Policies

FCF is a recognized leader in sustainable and traceable chain of custody and operations policies, as well as ethical work practices. Some of our policies include:

Full Retention of All Tuna Caught

FCF is committed to maintaining full compliance with all Regional Fisheries Management Organizations measures for all gear types and fishing methods. FCF is well aware that full retention is a licensing requirement for fishing vessels harvesting in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) and with observers on board, and is committed to full compliance with WCPFC Conservations and Management Measures (CMM) 2009-2 which outlines the requirements for full retention of tunas on board purse seine vessels. | Download the policy (PDF)

Prohibiting Shark Finning for Purse Seine Vessels

FCF adheres to WCPFC regulations requiring members to strengthen their management of sharks caught in association with purse seine tuna fisheries by prohibiting shark finning, and adopting mandatory reporting of shark catches by species. | Download the policy (PDF)

Tuna Sustainability Policy

The Tuna Sustainability Policy focuses on all aspects of environmental and social responsibility | Download the policy. | Download the policy (PDF)

FCF Sustainability Program Carrier Vessel Fleet

Through its FCF Sustainability Program (FSP), FCF chooses to only work with carrier companies and vessels that adhere to its policies and industry best practices  | Download the Carrier Vessel List (PDF)

For more information on our commitment to sustainable programs and ethical work practices, contact info@fcf.com.tw.