MSC Program

Marine Stewardship Council Certification:

In June 2018, FCF CO., LTD. initiated an assessment process of the Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance (WPSTA) Western and Central Pacific Skipjack and Yellowfin Free School Purse Seine Fishery and was granted MSC certification. WPSTA is the first multi-flag state tuna purse seine MSC certification by any Taiwanese client. The WPSTA specifically focuses on free school fishing aspects of skipjack and yellowfin tuna, which is considered sustainable under current conservation and management measures. FCF has continued to backstop WPSTA member’s pursuit of sustainable fishing practices by forming a Chain of Custody (CoC) system to trace the gear-type origin of the tuna caught by vessels under this Fisheries Certificate. WPSTA MSC Fishery has demonstrated the ability to provide more than 50,000 metric tons of sustainably-caught tuna to the market annually. FCF’s processing plants in Papua New Guinea, Nambawan Seafoods and South Seas Tuna Corporation (SSTC) are also MSC certified and committed to sustainable practices. More than 50% of both plants’ annual production is based on MSC certified fish and the volume is increasing every year.

As consumers world-wide seek seafood reflective of sustainable and traceable practices, FCF is determined to gain MSC certifications for all fishing gear and capture methods employed in our tuna supply chain. We are currently exploring and finding new ways to reach a complete supply chain goal over the coming years.