FCF’s Latest Move Toward Sustainable Tuna Longline Fisheries

(January 20, 2019, Kaohsiung) F.C.F. Fishery Company (FCF) announced today that it has partnered with Bumble Bee Foods, LLC on the Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) to improve albacore longline tuna fisheries in the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans.

With the engagement of Ocean Outcomes (O2), FCF and Bumble Bee will work with their supplying fleets to implement improved fishing practices that protect the ecosystem and help prevent overfishing.

FCF is the largest tuna supplier in the Western Pacific and supports sustainability through science-based practices, partnerships and ecologically sustainable solutions. In 2018, FCF and Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance (WPSTA) have been granted Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Standard for Sustainable Fishing certification.

Learn more about FCF’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility here.

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