FCF Fishery, Largest Tuna Supplier in Western Pacific, Granted Marine Stewardship Council Certification

FCF Fishery Company (FCF) and the Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance announced today that the Western and Central Pacific Skipjack and Yellow Fin Free School Purse Seine Fishery has been granted Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Standard for Sustainable Fishing certification. The certification decision was determined by third-party certifier, SCS Global.

Free school fishing is considerably more sustainable than traditional fishing practices, resulting in less bycatch and thereby substantially reducing the impact on endangered species.

“We have chosen to pursue MSC certification to contribute to the growing demand, expectation and responsibility towards sustainable management of our fisheries to provide sustainably sourced tuna from the Pacific, which provides 50% of the world’s skipjack tuna supply,” said FCF Fishery president Max Chou.

MSC is recognized as one of the world’s most rigorous and credible, science-based assessments of sustainability for wild-caught fish, and requires that all certified product caught in certified fisheries can be identified and traced throughout the supply chain. MSC conducts periodic DNA tests to ensure seafood bearing the MSC blue ecolabel of approval can be traced back to a certified fishery.

“Tuna is an important source of protein for many nations and as a highly migratory species, management can often be a challenge. The certification of the WPSTA Western and Central Pacific skipjack and yellowfin free school purse seine fishery demonstrates positive collaboration between these leading fishing nations and a commitment to the sustainability of this ocean resource,” MSC Oceania Program Director Anne Gabriel said in a recent statement.

Currently, close to 30 FCF-associated fishing vessels are now poised for MSC certification, with more fishing vessels to follow. Over time, this could make way for more than 100,000 metric tons of MSC-certified tuna to the global market.

“We believe our efforts to improve sustainability within the seafood industry is, essentially, an investment in the future of the industry itself,” Chou said. “The MSC project shows the dedication of FCF in preserving long-lasting marine resources for generations to come.”
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豐群水產(FCF)與具有共同永續經營理念之合作船隻所組成的西太平洋永續鮪魚聯盟(Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance, WPSTA) 由國際專業第三方認證組織 SCS Global Services 進行評估與授證,已於倫敦時間二0一八年六月二十一日正式通過海洋管理委員會(MSC)漁業認證並公告於MSC 官網。此項MSC漁業認證範圍區域為中西太平洋,目標魚種為圍網漁船使用傳統且非人工集魚器(即浮水魚法)捕得之正鰹及黃鰭鮪。



MSC大洋洲區企劃主管Anne Gabriel在最近的一份聲明中指出『鰹鮪魚是許多國家重要的蛋白質來源,作為高度迴游特性的物種,管理措施往往是一個挑戰。 WPSTA所被授予之漁業認證包含有正鰹和黃鰭鮪之圍網漁業,證明了豐群和有共同理念之船隊積極地與主要漁業資源國家合作,並承諾支持海洋資源的永續性。』



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