FCF Convenes Seafood Task Force Introductory Outreach Session in Taiwan

(April 22, 2019, Kaohsiung) On April 12, FCF Fishery Company (FCF) facilitated the Seafood Task Force (STF) introductory outreach session in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Conference Hall of Marine Bureau Qianzhen Office. More than 150 representatives of all aspects of the seafood supply chain including longline, purse seine, and squid fisheries associations were in attendance. Government authorities such as the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (TFA) and the Overseas Fisheries Development Council of Taiwan (OFDC) also participated in the event.

The outreach meeting engaged with the stakeholders on the importance of social responsibility in the seafood supply chain, and it was communicated via a presentation on the STF Code of Conduct and Vessel Auditable Standards.

“FCF actively promotes a responsible tuna supply chain and believes the work the STF has achieved is a valuable opportunity to engage the whole supply chain to promote best practices for the industry,” said FCF Sustainability Officer, Fong Lee.

As a member of the Seafood Task Force, FCF has been actively engaged in numerous social-related works since 2016, including participation in the STF subgroups a and responsible recruitment, providing recommendation for practical solutions and helping out vessel owners awareness, and continuous dedication to the improvement of working environment in the tuna fisheries.

“This was a great opportunity to see the effort of a multi-stakeholder initiative and its effect globally in terms of social responsibility in the seafood supply chain, ” said Director-General of TFA, Hong-Yen Huang. “We’re grateful to the FCF team for facilitating such a meaningful and productive event”

Key facilitators from Seafood Task Force member companies: (From left to right) Tri Marine, Thai Union, UL, Bumble Bee Foods, FCF.

About Seafood Task Force

Seafood Task Force (STF) is comprised of seafood processors, feed producers, buyers, retailers, government representatives and NGOs who have come together to address issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains currently focusing on the seas around Thailand. Learn more at www.seafoodtaskforce.global

About FCF

FCF Fishery Company (FCF) is the largest tuna supplier in the Western Pacific and supports sustainability through science-based practices, partnerships, and ecologically sustainable solutions. In 2018, FCF and Western Pacific Sustainable Tuna Alliance (WPSTA) were granted Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Standard for Sustainable Fishing certification.

Learn more about FCF’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility here

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