FCF and Bumble Bee Announce Satlink, DOS Partnership

In late 2016, FCF and Bumble Bee Foods partnered to fund a project installing Satlink, an electronic monitoring system, on ten longliner fishing vessels operating out of Fiji with review of vessel trips through Digital Observer Services (DOS).  Catch data is compiled and can be used as part of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). FCF has a shared belief that electronic monitoring is the most effective and realistic way to increase observer coverage on longliner vessels.  Once this project is proven successful, we will expand the project to fishing vessels in other locations.

Our Satlink and DOS programs are just two of many ways that FCF is making commitments to industry-leading sustainability policies. To learn more, visit our policy and commitment pages & find details on our FAD-free program.

在2016年年底,豐群與美國Bumble Bee發展一項漁船E化監測系統,主要目的是為了提高鮪釣漁船上觀察員的涵蓋率,進行有效漁船監控管理。此計畫與西班牙設備廠商Satlink合作,在斐濟經濟海域作業的相關鮪釣漁船上安裝攝像鏡頭,並透過數位化系統檢視數據。這些資料將可視為漁業改善計畫(Fishery Improvement Projects)的一部分。豐群認為數位監測將可增加鮪釣漁船的觀察員比例,一旦此計畫成功後,我們將會在其他海域上的漁船採行同樣措施。


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