FCF History

  • 2012 FCF celebrates 40
    years of quality service

Company History

FCF is a privately-held company founded in 1972 out of the need for a company in Taiwan to handle the transactions between the supply and demand of seafood products. FCF's engagement in the trade of frozen tuna and operations of foreign fishing bases has resulted in it becoming one of the largest marine products trading companies globally.

In the course of our expansion, FCF has established over 30 subsidiaries, fishing bases and shipping agents throughout the world to handle the service needs of our customers. Within the Asia Pacific region, we have subsidiaries and offices in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and China. Cargoes are exported to markets in the United States, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Spain and Italy for products like frozen tuna for canning, deep frozen tuna for sashimi, and frozen squid. There are also currently ten fishing bases established worldwide: Cape Town in South Africa, Port Louis in the Indian Ocean; American Samoa and Fiji Islands in the South Pacific; Singapore in the Pacific; Las Palmas, Argentina, the Falkland Islands, and Uruguay in the Atlantic Ocean. Our representatives and staff are able to provide a wide variety of services for fishing boats, such as: fishing vessel repairs and maintenance, provisions, cargo loading/unloading, medical care, and other services. To further enhance our services and value in the supply chain, FCF has invested and established various cold storage and processing plant facilities throughout the world.

Over the past 40 years, FCF has been growing steadily despite times of difficulty in a harsh and competitive environment. Today, we are proud to be consistently ranked among the top 50 Taiwanese non-manufacturing corporations. FCF services the global market and has established a worldwide marketing and logistics network. Our experience and industry knowledge have enabled us to develop an integrated supply chain solution for customers ranging from suppliers to retailers. Our commitment to our customers and partners has earned us the renowned reputation with clients around the world.

Major Milestones

  • 1972 FCF Fishery Co., Ltd. founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • 1973 Established fishing bases in Montevideo, Cape Town and Penang
  • 1976 Established deep-frozen tuna business
  • 1981 Established purse seiner activities
  • 1983 Established squid jigging activities in South-West Atlantic Ocean
  • 1986 Established Bangkok office
  • 1987 Established Fiji Unit
  • 1991 Established FCS Trading PTY Ltd.
  • 1992 Established FCN International Ltd.
  • 1997 Established partnership with PT. F.C. Sumbindo, Indonesia
  • 2000 Established partnership with FCC Co. , China
  • 2002 Established South Seas Tuna Corp., PNG
  • 2002 Established fishing base, Barana Corporation, Trinidad.
  • 2005 Established chartering of tanker for high seas bunkering
  • 2006 Established trawler fishing vessel in South America
  • 2007 Established partnership in cannery in Thailand
  • 2009 Established venue for loin processing in China
  • 2012 Established Universal Marine, trading and services company in Bangkok
  • 2012 Established FAD-free fish verification through third party certification
  • 2012 Construction of cannery in Ghana, Africa
  • 2012 Construction of frozen loins processing plant, Ichiban, in Ghana, Africa
  • 2012 FCF celebrates 40 years of providing quality services